'CloseoutZone' Sells Some Dirty Bars of Soap

 - Feb 20, 2012
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
Although it may look initially like these turds would get you dirty should you want to touch them, this crap is actually soap that can be purchased on online, Amazon shop CloseoutZone. The Corn Poop Shaped Hand/Bar Soap makes for the perfect gag to freak out your dinner guests, as the bar really looks like a piece of poo.

Imagine a friend's initial surprise when he goes to wash his hand and sees a turd sitting in the soap dish. The soap sells for $9.98 on the shop's site and each bar is unique in texture, shape and size, just like real poo. So get ready to disgust all who enter your lavatory with this gross novelty cleanser from CloseoutZone.