Determine Coffee Creaminess Based on Color

 - Dec 15, 2008
References: colourlovers
Fun coffee mugs are a favorite home item for many early risers. The simple quotes once printed on mugs has been upgraded to hilarious designs and even useful ones. As seen in the gallery, a mug can now visually inform you how creamy the coffee will taste based on a color palette. You just add coffee and milk to match the color printed inside the mug for your desired taste. Cute huh?

I adore the second mug for its awesome design. I can picture a tattoo artist sipping his coffee or tea early in the morning. Freaking awesome!

The third mug changes from black to white. It’s heat sensitive and as you can see, it has the words ‘off’ and ‘on’. I don’t know why it couldn’t be ‘empty’ and ‘full,’ but whatever floats their boat right?