- Mar 7, 2013
Food earrings are one of many brilliant ways in which food has been crossed over with fashion. Because of the different types of materials designers are able to use, these accessories come out looking very appetizing. It's really incredible how realistic designers can make these pieces of jewelry appear.

Examples of food that have been used for earrings include pies, cheese and hamburgers. It may not be the classiest, but they will certainly only enhance how delicious you look.

These food earrings are similar to appearance to fishing lures, as they hang with a hook and a piece of bait. The only difference is that they attract humans -- if you're looking for the key to a man's heart, earrings with a steak dangling from them might just get you part of it.

Food Earrings From T-Bone Steak Danglers to Sashimi Boat Accessories: