Photographer Ilian Transforms Vibrant Edibles into Visual Arts

 - Feb 29, 2012
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Food carving has traditionally been about showcasing the carver’s technical skills, but photographer Ilian isn’t too concerned about that. Instead, he finds inventive ways to present food as quirky works of art, etching brick patterns into apples, fashioning a carrot into a female’s torso and even turning an eggplant into a dance shoe. By focusing on what makes an appealing image rather than stroking his own ego, Ilian has produced fruit and vegetable carvings that are far more inventive than the works that preceded him.

In addition to these pictures, Ilian also photographs delectable dishes that make you want to reach into your computer monitor and pull out whatever it is he has captured as a still frame. With 20 years experience under his belt, it’s no wonder why all of his images look so good.