The Bbstudio Eggshell Carvings are Insanely Delicate and Beautiful

 - Apr 22, 2011
References: instructables & neatorama
Easter is fast approaching and you might be getting supplies ready to paint those hard-boiled eggs lying around, but perhaps these bbstudio eggshell carvings will inspire you to try something different. Considering that is exactly what happened with Instructable user bbstudio (he saw these egg sculptures and decided to try his hand at it), why not give it a try?

Created for a competition, the bbstudio eggshell carvings are insanely intricate. Although in the same vein as Gary LeMaster’s egg art, bbstudio has decided to add some flair by introducing color and even glitter.

These bbstudio eggshell carvings were inspired by everything from scrimshaws to stained glass windows. I think that my favorite egg is the one titled 'Goose on Geometry' because of its maze-like pattern and name.