These Seedy Peach Pit Sculptures Will Amaze You to Your Core

 - May 14, 2011
References: & odditycentral
This collection of intricate peach pit pieces is certainly peachy!

These stunning stones are nothing new; peach and walnut pit carving is an art form that has been practiced in the Chinese culture for centuries. Delicate peach pit sculptures like these are highly celebrated for their spiritual qualities since they are supposed to ward off evil spirits. For this reason, these peach pit sculptures make very popular pendants for jewelry, or are used as pocket-sized protective charms.

These superbly small stone sculptures are no more than an inch in length! Artists use very small knives and carving tools to scrape at the stone, carving traditional images or settings from important poems.

Possess the power of the peach pit sculpture! They are anything but fruity.