Artist's Egg Shell Carvings Display Traditional Chinese Landmarks

 - Dec 27, 2012
References: dailymail & designtaxi
It's near impossible to crack an egg without breaking it, but Chinese artist Wen Fuliang manages to do so and create extraordinarily intricate egg shell carvings from these breakfast remnants.

Once a carpenter, Wen Fuliang now uses chicken, goose and duck eggs to carve miraculous artworks into the shells. Not only is the artist able to create and display multi-layered engravings in the already-thin fragile casings, they also demonstrate the artist's experience in the elegance of the creations. As the former carpenter uses a fine diamond bit to carve accurate renditions of Chinese landmarks along with tradititional designs and complicated Chinese characters, the experience and confidence of Wen Fuliang is revealed in his deft hand and smooth artwork.