Let's Crack Open the Easter Countdown 2014

 - Apr 3, 2014
We can't wait for the chocolate and egg holiday that's fast approaching and these eggcellent artworks help kick off the Easter countdown 2014.

Egg shells are a great medium for making art. Whether its professional egg shell carvings, collected egg shell sculptures or homemade DIY art, the possibilities are endless with the protective egg layer we usually toss in the trash. Egg shells aren't the best part of the egg. We eat the inside and waste the outside, but these crafts are bringing the spotlight back on egg shells.

Rather than just painting them in pastel colors, you can carve and artistically crack your egg shells for an unconventional Easter decoration. Why only have carving fun at Halloween? Cracked open used egg shells can be recycled for crafty candle and plant holders. These simple art projects will be a great craft for kids after their egg hunt. Celebrate the beauty in egg shells this Easter.