These DIY Mosaic Eggs are Great for Your Easter Decorations

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: ilovetocreate
When it comes to Easter decorations, coloring eggs is one of those playful activities that many people enjoy doing, and these DIY Mosaic Eggs add a unique artistic touch to this otherwise plain activity.

Traditionally Easter eggs are dipped in all sorts of vibrant colors in order to give them that eye-catching appeal, these Mosaic Eggs however, are designed with a twist that gives them a beautifully cracked exterior appearance. Simply boil half a dozen eggs, carefully peel the shells off and then let them dry on a paper towel. Decide what type of shell pattern or design you would like to create, dip them in either natural or artificial colors, and then glue the shells to a wooden egg shape. Featured on the blog 'I Love to Create,' these Easter egg creations are sure to stand out among other, more mundane decorations.

While sadly these beautiful egg art pieces are inedible, they are certainly visually stunning, and make for artistic Easter decorations.