Jadis Et Gourmande's Street Art Collection is Unusually Decorated

Colorful, painted and splattered are traits that you could use to describe the average decorated Easter egg, as well as the unconventional Street Art Collection of chocolate eggs from Jadis et Gourmande. The street art-inspired eggs have bases made from dark or milk chocolate and have been shaped to resemble outdoor bricks, which were then sprayed with graffiti.

The Parisian chocolates also play up other elements of street culture, including details like spray paint cans, headphones and stencils that have been mashed up with the usual Easter icons like chickens, bunnies and eggs.

Since Easter is now fast approaching, the chocolates are no longer available on Jadis et Gourmande's webshop, however, this is probably for the best since the delicate chocolates can still be picked up in-store.