These Mini Egg Landscapes are the Perfect Easter Decorations

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: mysocalledcraftylife
If you're looking to make the perfect Easter decorations to accessorize your home with, then these Mini Egg Landscapes are a fantastic way to get in the holiday spirit without spending a fortune.

While ordinarily we would just throw out egg shells and empty egg cartons, this DIY project makes use of these handy items and turns them into beautiful Easter decorations. Simply fill your egg carton with half-open egg shells, then fill each of them with soil and some moss. Next, simply grab any miniature figurines or toys you may have and place them within each egg shell. Simple and easy, this DIY activity is a great way to make use of ordinary items you most likely already have.

Featured on the blog 'My So Called Crafty Life,' these miniature egg shell planters are a great way for adults and children to get creative with these otherwise disposable items.