From Homer Simpson as Karl Lagerfeld to Sci-Fi Simpsons Combinations

 - Sep 14, 2012
Considering the show has been running for 22 years now, it's no surprise that Simpsons mash-ups are popping up everywhere. It seems America's favorite family -- aside from the Obamas, Kardashians and Lohans, of course -- has a look and feel that can be translated into almost any other category or industry.

A few of the more odd Simpsons mash-ups include the fashionista series of cartoons, which feature Simpsonsized versions of Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and even Karl Lagerfeld, whose version looks suspiciously like Homer in a wig. Other noteworthy interpretations of the yellow family include both Lord of the Rings and Star Wars versions.

If you're a pop culture junkie, or just a good ol' fashioned Simpsons fan, I urge you to check out these odd Simpsons mash-ups.