The Movie Simpsons Tumblr is Culturally Thought-Provoking

 - May 26, 2012
References: moviesimpsons.tumblr
The Movie Simpsons Tumblr will blow your mind with its side-by-side gifs comparing the iconic cartoon to its pop-culture counterparts. The animation's tendency to throw in a few cultural references here and there keeps it fresh and current.

The cartoon has referenced everything from historic artworks to legendary celebrities. These cinematic films have inspired compositions such as the blurring zoom into the snow globe -- an ode to Citizen Kane. The blog does not simply find cultural parodies, but demonstrates how filmmaking techniques have influenced the long-standing cartoon. While the tumblr is still growing its content, it certainly gets your memory jogging as you ask yourself how many other famous films have been Simpsons-spoofed?

Hardcore fans may have already memorized the parodies, but the Movie Simpsons Tumblr is certainly eye-opening for many.