The Ryan Coleman Pac-Man Ghosts are Versatile

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: whatanart & designyoutrust
The classic and beloved game of Pac-Man is shown to be versatile, thanks to the Ryan Coleman Pac-Man Ghosts graphic design. Shouting out popular culture icons, the meddlesome ghosts possess an all-new novelty to them.

Featuring a total of 48 ghosts, Coleman pulls distinct personalities from movies, books, video-games and comics. Well-known characters like Superman and Kirby make an appearance alongside the more obscure Headcrab and Wrex. It is a power-packing melee of any nerd’s fantasy. Even if you are not into the same geeky scene, these illustrations will speak to you—they are just too cute (who is Wrex, anyway?).

To truly appreciate such a creative design piece, imagine playing Pac-Man with members of the Super-Smash Bros team chasing after you. The excitement is overwhelming.