The 'Worth a Thousand Words' Illustrations Evoke Famous Phrases

 - Jun 4, 2011
References: doaly & blog.thaeger
Artist Doaly's literalized the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" with these Worth a Thousand Words vector illustrations. Not only are these illustrations masterfully drawn, but they include iconic phrases popularly associated with each respective character.

Seen here are in these Worth a Thousand Words illustrations is Christopher Reeves' portrayal of Superman, Heath Ledger's Joker, the Green Lantern, Darth Vader, and my personal hero, Bruce Lee. I'm most amazed by Doaly's research into each character's famous lines, like Bruce's memorable speech about being like water and how they're used to define shapes and value in each portrait. And I can never get enough Star Wars in the media. Doaly's image of Darth Vader perfectly captures the brooding and tragic qualities of the famous sci-fi icon.