Nathaly Cuervo Blends Together Contemporary Fads

 - Jun 25, 2012
References: flickr & lacarpa.tumblr
Even superheroes go through a hipster phase as demonstrated by Nathaly Cuervo's latest collection of illustrations. The talented artist takes popular superhero figures such as Superman and Wonder Woman and portrays them as modern bohemians, sporting full body tattoos and funky hairdos.

Recently superheroes have been all the rave with The Avengers movie dominating the blockbuster charts and the much anticipated Rise of the Dark Knight soon to hit theaters this upcoming July. Is this obsession with masked vigilantes just another fad that will die down in the months ahead?

By combining hipster fashion with superhero figures, Cuervo makes an interesting statement regarding passing fads in terms of style and popular icons. Hopefully the artist stays up to date on the latest trends, I look forward to her next contemporary pairing.