From Miniature Villainous Cake Pops to Poolside Villain Costumes

 - Aug 14, 2013
People who have seen Despicable Me or its recent sequel know just how adorable its funny minion characters can be. Their little yellow, Tic-Tac-esque shapes, paired with their huge, goggled eyes and cute overalls make for some of the cuddliest villains ever put on screen.

The Despicable Me minions' absolute adorableness has led to tons of fans creating some equally cute products, from poolside costumes to cake pops. One product is an elaborate minion cake, consisting of several layers of vanilla cake making up the minion's tubular shape, plus a ton of fondant icing to create its facial features. A smaller cake rests in front of the minion, who looks down at it with a hungry expression. The resulting confection is a delicious birthday surprise that honors not only the birthday boy or girl, but one of the most iconic children's characters of recent years.

A second minion-inspired product is a lunch bag drawing. One parent has taken to drawing some detailed portraits of cartoon characters on their kid's brown paper lunch bags. This one shows several minions looking out at the viewer with shocked and awed expressions on their cute, yellow faces. Whoever has the artist for a parent is one lucky child, indeed.

If you're a fan of Despicable Me's cuddly minions, there is a DIY project out there for you, allowing you to honor your favorite movie villains with everything from a birthday cake to a paper lantern.