The Ivan Camelo Superhero Illustrations are Cute and Lovable

 - Sep 4, 2011
References: neatorama & randommization
Superheroes and villains are supposed to be several things -- perhaps most notably, they are required to be intimidating and fearless -- but these Ivan Camelo illustrations demonstrate that that is not always the case.

These drawings of Marvel and DC Superheros are too cute to pass up. Sure, Batman completely loses his badass factor looking like that, and Superman just doesn't appear to be capable of saving the world while looking cute as a button, but who really cares?

Wonder Woman and Catwoman are definitely my favorites of the Ivan Camelo illustrations. The ladies of the superhero world look so precious and innocent that while I wouldn't trust these characters with the responsibility of saving my life, they're just so darling to look at, I don't even mind.