From Striking Songstress Spreads to Pop Icon Mashup Videos

 - Nov 27, 2013
Christmas has come early for Britney fans; though the 'Britney Jean' album release is still a week away, the pop princess is offering the sweet, electronic melodies from her eighth studio effort ahead of time. That's right, you can stream the legendary singers entire album via iTunes, so head on over and brighten your morning with some infectious, radio-ready pop tunes.

The album is a refined, electronic masterpiece brimming with Will.I.Am's digital influence. However, Britney's slightly nasal, little-girl vocals remain the same as ever, offering the digitally evolved sound a nostalgic vibe that's reminiscent of your 90s-early 00's youth. Each track is a catchy remix-waiting-to-happen that's perfect for your car, the club or even the shower.