The Fictional Character Birthday Calendar is Cause for a Party

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: flavorwire
The Fictional Character Birthday Calendars are cause for celebration. The calendars were created by graphic designer Jennifer Lewis for the pop culture website Flavorwire, and document the births of your favorite fictional characters. Lewis has made monthly timelines with 365 days filled with the births of Rocky Balboa, Seth Cohen, the Weasley twins and Bart Simpson.

Perhaps a favorite character is your birthday twin making the celebration extra special. And, if you find yourself sharing a day with an obscure anime character you have never heard of that is not a problem as it just gives you an excuse to go out for the birth of Superman or Liz Lemon. To pop culture junkies, these characters have been hilarious and endearing friends, so why not ensure a good time is had in their honor?