Celebrity Barcode Portraits by Scott Blake

 - Sep 18, 2008
References: lunaticadesnuda.blogspot
Scott Blake’s highly original pop art consists of celebrity portraits from barcodes. He builds up the images like a mosaic. He has created 30 bar code portraits of celebrities like Oprah, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Andy Warhol, Elvis, Ozzie Osbourne and Jane Fonda.

But that is not all - by using a scanner to read each individual bar code, particular video or audio clips start up. The attached videos explain and show how his art works.

For instance, scanning individual barcodes from Barcode Jane Fonda will, through a computer software program, launch video clips from her workout videos.  The one on Bruce Lee has various fight scenes from his movies. Marilyn Monroe’s Barcode portrait was made from DVDs of movies she was in.

You can purchase his barcode portrait flipbooks from his website.