From Food Branding to Footwear, Lee Remains Relevant to Public

 - Feb 13, 2012
Bruce Lee is practically a synonym for badass, so it comes as no surprise that companies flock to him in hopes of having his magnetic appeal rub off on some of their products. Whether it’s Bruce Lee-branded sneakers, food or even bath toys, you can be sure that using the legendary martial artist’s name and likeness on a consumer good or service will instantly guarantee interested crowds.

Already dominating the acting, martial arts and merchandising worlds, Bruce Lee is also becoming a huge source of inspiration for the art community. Illustrators have depicted the Jeet Kune Do practitioner in caricatures, photorealistic tributes and even in fictional film posters. Artists have even re-imagined him as Neo from the Matrix and Spider-Man! Those would be two films I’d gladly pay money to see.