From Barcoded Couture Gowns to QR Code-Resembling Wooden Seats

 - Jun 6, 2013
Scannable or not, these barcode-inspired designs bring digital symbols to reality. From manipulated barcode art to barcode tattoos, the black-ink imprint has become an iconic reference in the world of artists and designers.

The QR code stool by Elena Belmann is made out of cut-out wood. Its design is complex and maze-like, which makes it visually intriguing. It is a practical example of the barcode design coming to life in 3D in the form of furniture.

Vivienne Tam's Fall 2013 collection made references to current pop culture at the time, which included a QR code dress. The designer used black leather and blue fabric to draw out a QR code. Several other pieces of her collection also featured the barcode, mixing technology with fashion.