Tourist QR Codes Make Business Artistic in Sydney

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: yiyinglu & blog.walls360
Yiying Lu is a company that has made a living off of personalized QR codes, taking the black and white, blocked-out code and making it something new with the new tourist QR codes. These personalized codes work in every industry from fashion to art and all the way to accounting, all with the goal of enticing the customer. Undoubtedly, the latest of these personalized codes is very aesthetically appealing.

The tourist QR codes are used to promote business and partnerships within Australia, and do so by making use of several Australian icons. These iconic Aussie images include the Sydney Opera house and a Koala, all in a beautiful, bright multi-colored design that captivates onlookers.

Happiness is only a click away after looking at these bright and bold posters, as within seconds of clicking the awesome Aussie art you are taken to the supporting website which promotes business in Sydney, Australia. Yiying Lu has exceeded expectations with its latest tourist QR codes, which serve as proof that business and pleasure can mix -- at least down under.