The Moviebarcode Blog Stretches Classic Movies into One Barcode Image

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: moviebarcode.tumblr & io9
I'm well aware that each individual barcode image you're looking at accompanied with this article doesn't look like anything -- looking closer isn't going to help you figure out what you're looking at. However, once you realize what you're looking at when you visit the Moviebarcode Tumblr blog, these images become fascinating.

Each image is comprised of individual frames of movies stretched razor thin and laid out next to each other. This is actually a very cool tool for determining a movie's overall lighting and color palates. For example, a movie like 'Alien' or 'Dark City' results in a pretty dark barcode image, while a whimsical Pixar film is filled with loads of various colors.

The blog is loaded with tons of different films, shorts and even barcoded James Bond themes. It's surprisingly addictive to find your favorite movies and determine their average look and colors throughout their lengths.