- Feb 18, 2015
These translation tech examples range from multilingual menu services to airport language apps that make international travel easy and hassle-free. In addition to practical mobile apps, products like NTT's Translating Glasses decode foreign menus, signs and text while vacationing abroad.

In addition to travel-themed purposes, these examples are also used to improve the communication of disabled individuals and to ultimately enhance their quality of life. While wearable tech devices like the Close Alternative Hearing Aid are changing the way deaf individuals experience sound and communication, products like Jia Mengyin and Bao Haimo's Blind Reader give the vision-impaired access to unlimited reading materials by translating regular text into braille symbols.

Other favorites from this list include pet and baby translating apps that transform meows, barks and cries into concrete sentences.

From Multilingual Menu Services to Language Translating Glasses: