The Bookmark Dictionary Enhances Literary Comprehension

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: coroflot & tuvie
Novels are enjoyable at any age, and whether you're reading ahead of your skill level or sifting through a story in another tongue, the Bookmark Dictionary is probably your most useful interpreting companion.

The super-slim device has a simple design for intuitive operation. It incorporating a slide-out touchscreen that captures clusters of words and allows the reader to pick out terms he endeavors to understand. Acting as a hi-tech translator, the gadget employs the knowledge of the Oxford English Dictionary to define the word completely, offer contextual examples and even speak it aloud so that the inquirer can learn its pronunciation as well. Ideal for literary absorption, the Bookmark Dictionary by Raghunath Dhayalan even has an integrated scientific calculator to help you work your way through a mathematics textbook.