The Human-to-Cat Translator Allows You to Speak to Your Feline Friend

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: lostateminor & designtaxi
The Human-to-Cat Translator claims to be able to convert human speech into a series of meows that your cat will be able to understand, essentially allowing you to converse with your cat. The creators of this app collected more than 175 samples of cat sounds from more than 25 different feline critters, in order to help them better understand you.

According to user reports, the app has been pretty effective on people's pets. However, the creators of the app do advise that you stop using it if your cat becomes distressed. If you've always had a burning desire to really connect with your kitty, the Human-to-Cat Translator could be the perfect app for you. The app is available to download for free from iTunes.