The Smart Sign Language Interpreter Bridges Gestures and Verbal Words

 - Dec 13, 2013
The development and use of sign language around the world has given the deaf great freedom of expression; however, without knowing the particular signals, a hearing individual will have difficulty communicating with the hearing impaired. The Smart Sign Language Interpreter was developed to facilitate such conversations.

The innovative product is a pair of hi-tech wristbands that have tiny accompanying fingertip sensors. As the deaf person moves his or her hands, the gadget discerns the movements and translates them into either text or spoken words. Both can be sent to the other's smartphone and the latter can be read outright. On the other hand, when the non-deaf party speaks, Prof. Jeon Sung-Su's Smart Sign Language Interpreter turns every sentence into gestures, displayed on the small screen of the 2013 Red Dot winner.