From Scannable Seating to Musical QR Codes

 - Apr 21, 2012
The act of product scanning has assumed new forms, as seen in these brazen barcode finds. Originally created to match data with particular goods and services, the barcode has now been worked into abstract art, high fashion and domestic furnishing. The familiar strips of geometric shapes bring about thoughts of grocery store purchases and the peeling off of numbered stickers. While the intricate mixes of numbers and lines may be an afterthought for many, they have been the centerpiece of these barcode creations.

The QR code, or rather the technical term for the barcode, has become emblazoned on marketing campaign launches and abstract paintings. The design has a certain authentic feel to it, a colloquial representation of the relationship between goods and consumers. These barcode creations rework this relationship, contrasting it with unrelated motifs and atypical productions.