These ReMakes Placemats are Made Out of Old Advertisements

 - Apr 12, 2011
References: & springwise
I never really wondered what happened to old billboards until I saw these ReMakes placemats. ReMakes is a collaboration between Isael-based ViaMaris Partners and noted Israeli designer from AbuYoyo Studio Nomi Gerstein. The two sides have made it their mission to upcycle old billboards by turning them into brand-used placemats.

The ReMakes placemats come in two styles, black or ReMakes. The ReMakes are my personal favorite as they are cut from an actual advertisement or movie poster and still feature distinctive patterns. Each placemat comes with a QR code that when scanned, provides a link to a shareable webpage that has more information about ReMakes placemats. The placemats are currently on sale in both Canada and the U.S. with prices starting at $16.