- Oct 23, 2013
These eclectic table settings are perfectly suited for anyone looking to outfit their dining room table with something a bit more offbeat and eccentric in design.

Setting a table with such items as placemats, coasters and napkins is a great way to add sophistication and elegance to a meal. But if you happen to be in the mood to showcase a bit of your quirky personality, then these eclectic table settings will certainly do the trick. Featuring such wacky designs as retro vinyl records, Sci-Fi characters and junk food references, these eclectic table settings will surely have your guests chuckling at all the unusual references.

From potato chip mug mats to musical kitchen accessories, these eclectic table settings will surely make any meal an occasion to remember.

From Levitating Snowflake Placemats to Psych Test Tablecloths: