Zesch Coasters Interlock to Form Larger Mats for Hot Pots

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: michielcornelissen & designspotter
It's wonderful to see a flexibility to dining table accessories, for products like these Zesch Coasters can accommodate the wide variety of different dishes. The way this is accomplished is through the modular design of each elegant unit, shaped like a six-pointed star with lovely curling tips.

The beauty of the Michiel Cornelissen pieces is that when three are linked together they reveal themselves as puzzle pieces with a perfect fit. Their little loops curve around each other to cover the surface below and between them entirely. This clever laser-cut pattern from bamboo sheets allows clusters of them to come together and form larger trivets of various shapes and sizes. Individually, Zesch Coasters are the ideal dimensions to protect tabletops from single drinking glasses.