The Turquoise Cottage 'Buddy Stamp' is for Before and After the Party

Partying is very nearly the best go-to method to let loose and blow off steam built up from long hours, however, with all the dark lights, loud music and intoxication, individuals may not fully enjoy their nights or their mornings; therefore, the Turquoise Cottage 'Buddy Stamp' technique was formed to keep nights safe without losing out on the fun.

Instead of merely stamping party-goers with an admission symbol, Turquoise Cottage provides a stamp that is actually a QR code that can be scanned at various points during the night to display information pertaining to drinks, cab services and even tips on how to deal with hangovers for when it was nearly time for bed. This socially driven concept of safe partying was an interesting way to employ widely used social media in order to tackle criticism that clubs do not really care about their customers. This is a revolutionary solution that I feel should definitely be considered by nightlife establishments worldwide.