Janice Wu Illustrates Mundane Items with Stylish Precision

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: janice-wu & booooooom
Still-life illustrations can feature any kind of item you can think of, but Janice Wu may genuinely be the first person to have rendered a series of images where old receipts are the stars. And it isn’t as though she drew a couple of rectangles and slapped a few words and a barcode on there either as each picture features wrinkles, folds, smudges, stamps, inks, barcodes, store logos, policies and anything else you can imagine on a proof of purchase. The detail Wu puts into her work is simply extraordinary.

Janice Wu is a Vancouver-based illustrator who specializes in taking everyday objects and making them the central focus of her wonderful artistic creations. Looking at her work, you can tell she takes composition seriously as each item is placed perfectly in her images to get the most visually engaging effect.