The Seat QR Code Ads Personify the BlackBerry Barcode

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: adsoftheworld
The integration of the highly recognized BlackBerry barcode in these Seat QR Code ads is a great melding of two different brands. The codes, normally associated with BlackBerry Messenger, symbolizes a connection between two users.

It's definitely refreshing to see these Seat QR Code ads using the barcode in this way. Usually, when used with brands or advertisements, the code is just placed in the bottom or corner and asks the viewer to scan it. Such blatant use of it doesn't make it too appealing. This ad integrates the barcode into the visual of a race track, giving life to it and making it much more attractive.

Personifying the idea of going somewhere, the Seat QR Code ads take the purpose of the barcode and brings it to life.