- Jul 11, 2013
While grandparents may spoil their family with sweet treats and loving gestures, they can also be very stubborn and pinheaded, which is why there's no surprise as to why these elderly ads are utilizing an older generation to get some laughs in the process.

Since a viewer's attention span is quick to dismiss ads and commercials on a daily basis, creating something that will make a bold impression is definitely not an easy task for marketers. These elderly ads however, have infused grandmas and grandpas in humorous situations sometimes associated with a younger generation, making the overall appearance much more comical.

From commercials that showcase how grumpy a grandma can get in a traffic jam to those that humorously demonstrate how much the elderly love alcohol, these comical ad techniques are certainly putting a creative spin on the average advertising method.

From Grumpy Grandma Car Ads to Extreme Zombie Grannies: