The Crosby's 'Bake it Like Grandma' Campaign Serves Up Shock

 - Dec 21, 2011
References: crosbys & buzzfeed
Whoa Nelly, hold onto your aprons because Crosby's 'Bake it like Grandma' campaign is throwing some serious Freudian slips into this marketing food fight.

The print ads feature an array of your typical elderly women looking cute and quaint, but the quotes offered underneath their coy grins tell a totally different story. The lines like "Grandma was never shy about experimenting with her brownie," are packed with such sexual innuendos that'll make you choke on your freshly homemade cheesebread. Even the quick cooking-show-style clips that have viral video potential star silver-haired seniors tossing out offside quips like seasoned seductresses.

The Crosby's 'Bake it like Grandma' campaign is pointed and provocative, banking on the campaigning constant that sex sells, no matter what the age!