From Forgetful Granny Ads to Extreme Zombie Grannies

 - Feb 12, 2013
Grandmothers are often associated with being loving, caring and all-around kindhearted people, but grannies can also have a tough and slick attitude as well, which is cleverly used as a marketing tool in these wonderfully charming granny-incorporating ads.

Grannies are a great marketing tool for advertisers looking to get that shock value from their commercials. What better way to get people's attention than with some adorably innocent-looking grandmothers who suddenly act like rebellious teenagers or those that turn into zombies? Using grannies in advertisements is a great way to turn an ordinary and run-of-the-mill commercial or print campaign into something truly eye-catching and memorable.

These quirky granny advertisements show that there is another side to these sweet and innocent-looking grandmothers, that grannies can get into just as much trouble and have just as much fun as any other person.