The Green Night Campaign Encourages People to Not Have House Parties

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: tbwa & ibelieveinadv
It is not often that people will witness a graffitiing granny or a tire-popping pops, but as the Green Night campaign states, "Neighbours might be revengeful--do not party at home, go out." Some may call the cops, others may decide to take matters into their own hands by exacting revenge the good ol' fashioned way.

The Green Night campaign was conceived and executed by the TBWA ad agency branch based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Art directed by Vytautas Narbutas with creative direction by Andrius Jakučionis and copy by Lukas Šidlauskas, the print ads are absolutely hilarious. At least to those who have never experienced such vindictiveness. For those who have, they will be sure to hit up the Night Club Festival this year.