The Aldi Tea Commercial by McCann Erickson Shows a Feisty Side to Nana

 - May 27, 2011
References: thedrum & theawesomer
At first glance, the Aldi Tea Commercial by McCann Erickson appears as though it's going to be an average ad for tea, as an old lady discusses what tea her husband prefers. It's not until the end that you really feel her indifference towards her spouse's tea-choice.

If you are someone with a feisty grandma who drinks you under the table, this video will provide ample amusement. The old lady begins by stating the two tea choices her husband drinks and a price is displayed onscreen for comparison. Aldi Tea comes out as the winner for being the cheapest choice but in the end, that's not what makes this Aldi Tea Commercial by McCann Erickson commercial so brilliant. Apparently, this old woman prefers gin, as she takes out her glass hiding behind the tea and takes a quick swig.