These Seasoned Style Features Prove That One Gets More Chic with Age

 - Oct 17, 2012
From advanced style blogs to old lady-inspired editorial spreads, these senior fashion looks are proving that style only gets better with age.

Taking inspiration from our older predecessors, these editorials, ad campaigns and international runway shows pay homage to chic, old lady style. Whether choosing to showcase its more demure or eccentric side, these seasoned style features embrace multiple era inspirations and showcase true fashion knowledge.

Epitomizing the meaning of advanced style, these senior fashion looks shine a light on an authentic aesthetic that features intricate one-of-a-kind details, eye-catching prints, quirky ornamentation and an abundance of personality.

To quote Vogue Japan's editor-at-large, Anna dello Russo, these aged fashion features embrace the belief in 'Fashion at every age.' Instead of fading away into the background, elderly styles are taking center stage.