This Fidelity 401K Plan Campaign Shows You a Big Future

 - Nov 8, 2011
References: miamiadschool & adsoftheworld
Perhaps the elderly can vouch for the way that certain things grow uncontrollably as a person grows older, with some simple examples as presented in this Fidelity 401K Plan campaign. The thickness of your prescription glasses, the size of your facial features and the appearance of unwanted skin defects are a few of these.

It is through a series of three prints by the Miami Ad School that such changes are documented, and in a rather amplified way to make them obvious and stir up an amused reaction from viewers. But the purpose of these eye-catching adjustments is to present seniors with an idea about the enlargement of something else. The Fidelity 401K Plan campaign promotes a prospering retirement fund as an individual asset that will grow in a welcome way.