From Techy QR Code Headstones to Delicious Scannable Cupcakes

 - Jun 6, 2013
These random, scan-ready objects prove that in this digital age, a bar code can be put on just about anything.

Montreal’s Clever Cupcakes shop created QR-coded cupcakes that are both edible and scannable. A simple QR code was printed on a slab of sugar to promote the Montreal Science Center’s website. Once scanned on a cell phone, the cupcake directed you to the web page.

In China, people could open up obituaries by scanning QR codes on headstones. This technique saves paper and space because memorial halls are transferred online. A quick phone scan of the code at a grave allows instant access to ancestors’ information.

Since BlackBerry’s BBM scan technology, scannable items have become a fad; bar codes have helped businesses and people to spread information that is harder to explain in life.