Projekt Ingeborg Seeks to Bring Classic Literature to Everyday Citizens

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: & springwise
To encourage citizens who are increasingly glued to the Internet to get out and read, the Austrian city of Klagenfurt launched Projekt Ingeborg -- a virtual library that is uncovered through a series of QR codes.

These scannable yellow stickers were placed across the city, concentrating on areas with stationary citizens. Bus stops in particular were targeted, since what do most people do while waiting for public transit? Twiddle with their phones, no doubt. After the sticker is scanned with a smartphone, the code redirects citizens to classic novels and titles, like Shakespeare.

Projekt Ingeborg is meant to encourage people to rediscover literature through an interactive, augmented reality. While many may not find going to a library all that exciting, the mystery behind the Projekt Ingeborg QR codes peaks common curiosity. The team hopes to expand the program to offer MP3s or stories by young authors.