These QR Code Headstones Give a Virtual Connection to Those Departed

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: monuments & indiatimes
Scannable QR code headstones are beginning to displace traditional obituaries and memorial halls. In China, where paying respects to ancestors holds more cultural significance than it does in other cultures, QR codes have been added to many of the country's tombstones. They have gained popularity in cities like Shanghai, Shenyang and Fujian.

Once affixed, a quick cell-phone scan of the code provides instant access to virtual ancestral obituaries, which has become very popular amongst the Chinese youth. The move toward QR code headstones isn't limited to China however, which begs the question, could this be a new portal to the virtual economy? Will memorial rituals in the real world, like placing flowers on a grave, be eventually displaced by virtual ones? Only time will tell.