- Jul 26, 2012
Between making hilarious viral videos on Vimeo and DIY YouTube tutorials, the younger generation of today has considerably honed video-editing ability, which has spawned the popularization of time-lapse shorts.

To make a time lapse, one keeps the camera fixated on the frame and quickens the lengthy footage that was captured within the frame. The idea is to be able to watch the progression of slow-moving scenery or processes. This means that a tree’s passing of the seasons, the painting of a mural or the light patterns of a city’s skyline over a week’s time could be watched in two minutes. Another way to create a time lapse is to link together successive photos (again, fixated on the same frame) to create an animated flip book-style short. In the past, the pregnancy process and the evolution of a girl’s face over 4 years have been documented in this way.

Since more people have access to cameras and editing technology, the beauty of our world can be appreciated in increasingly succint and powerful ways.

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