Toronto Tempo by Ryan Emond Speeds up the City

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: vimeo & facebook
Toronto Tempo by Ryan Emond is a breathtaking time-lapse video made up of thousands of photos of Toronto from every possible angle.

Beginning with a long take that suggests he somehow magically strapped his camera to the front of a TTC subway train, Emond arranges so each shot change can take your view from the docks to the top of some of the cities highest buildings in a mere moment.

Emond has previously produced Capital Cruising, an equally enthralling time-lapse video of Ottawa, which was purchased by CTV Ottawa to be used as an intro to 'The 6 O’clock Newscast.'

The video is set to a song produced by Clams Casino entitled 'I’m God,' which samples Imogen Heap’s 'Just For Now.'

Emond’s Flickr and Facebook pages have stills that are used in the video, and they are just as interesting as the final product. Toronto Tempo by Ryan Emond is sure to impress.