Lady Gaga in “Love Game” is Clearly Big on Campari

Lady GaGa has just released her latest music video for "Love Game," and it’s full of the high-energy pop pomp and circumstance we’re used to seeing from the young performer.

With shades of Michael Jackson’s "Bad," Janet Jackson’s "Control," Gwen Stefani from her No Doubt Days, Jennifer Lopez’ "Waiting for Tonight," and Britney Spears from the 2000 VMAs and "Womanizer" video, Lady GaGa’s latest music video for "Love Game" proves why she’s one of the new artists I love following.

There’s even a bit of prominent product placement in Lady GaGa’s "Love Game" music video. Why she and the gang of guys featured in her video would be drinking super-bitter Campari, I’ll never know.

The music video above has spots where it is out of sync with the video. I’ll update it with a flawless version as soon as I find one.