Jeremy Scott Presents His Iconic Styles in a New Film

 - Feb 24, 2012
Cut together in a way that may remind you of a vamped-up version of some of the first ever music videos, this fashion film directed by Luca Finotti and starring top model Sebastian Sauvé presents the signature styles of pop fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

Winged leather jackets and tiger costume sweaters are just a few of the now iconic pieces from the designer one can see in this film, if they aren't distracted but its fast-paced edits, split screens, saturated colors and jump cuts that is. The film gives you hints of fashion, its star and the locations its shot in, making the viewer more likely to investigate its subject matter further after watching it, or, at least, want to watch the video again. So if you're curious about what a film created for Jeremy Scott would look like, prepare yourself for a fun-filled, pulsating piece of couture cinema and enjoy the ride.